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 Why Us?

Because it's smart to use us!

Any do-it-yourselfer can install a solar energy system. In fact many of the early systems were installed this way.

Owners who want to make use of the State rebates or who want the guarantee of an NEC code compliant installation (so their home does not go up in flames one day) need to call a certified electrical contractor. If they want expert advice on solar equipment and installation, they will need a solar expert, and if they want a hurricane compliant installation or just a sound installation, they will need an engineer to do the structural calculations.

We at Abender are all that: state certified electrical contractors with solar energy expertise and formal engineering know-how. We handle the whole project by ourselves, from permit to final inspection. This means no excuses when it comes to responsibility and no lost time. It also means lower costs.

We also provide green lighting alternatives for business to help them drastically reduce their energy consumption and save money every year.

With offices in Florida and Pennsylvania we are strategically located to serve the whole nation with emphasis in the East Coast.

Contact us to become a solution today! You'll be glad you did!
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