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 YEAR 2025

Year 2025 will be Year Zero in a New Era in which some nations will tend to be ever-richer and the rest will tend to be ever-poorer, and the defining factor will be the cost of energy. How will energy be the defining factor?

Energy will affect:

1. Each nation’s economy
2. The bottom line of private enterprises
3. The cost of all types of transportation, and
4. The finances of millions of American families

1. Each Nation’s Economy

It has been well known for over half a century that the world’s economy is affected by the price of oil, the most pervasive form of energy. OPEC, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, exists for two reasons: to keep the price of oil from going too far down, so that they do not lose money; and from going too far up, so that they do not bring the world economy down, which in turn brings down the demand for oil.

So, it is undeniable that the price of energy impinges directly and substantially on the bottom line of our economy as a whole.

This is why Europe has been working so hard on changing their energy sources from fossil fuels to wind and solar energy.

Once wind mills or solar arrays are built, the energy is for free.

In 2025 and thereafter, Europe’s economy will not be dependent on the supply of fossil fuels, which is bound to shrink significantly as the demand for energy is surging by 35% between 2010 and 2040, according to Exxon Mobil.

China, Japan and many other nations are also changing their economies from fossil fuels to wind and solar energy. They see the writing on the wall.

2. The Bottom Line of Private Enterprises

In 2025 and thereafter, European, Chinese and Japanese manufacturing plants generating their own energy will have the very significant advantage of not having to pay for electricity. Further, their energy generation systems will be as reliable as the sun.

Once wind mills or solar arrays are built, the energy is for free.

3. The Cost of all Types of Transportation

In 2025 and thereafter, Europe, China and Japan, will move people on fast trains, with the following advantages:

A. Massive numbers of people will travel by train, at lower cost, compared to air travel

B. In winter time, business travelers will be able to move on time and at low cost, while many in the US will be stuck at airports

C. People in advanced nations will move on electric cars, and thanks to Elon Musk, people in the US will too. People are finding out that running an electric car costs a fraction of running a fossil-fuel car, and that charging their and keeps their commute-to-work oil-independent

4. The Finances of Millions of American Families

The finances of millions of American families will be affected by lower employment at manufacturing plants on the one side, and by higher costs of energy on the other hand.


Unless the US dramatically increases the number of solar and wind energy installations at manufacturing plants and homes, our industry and our families will be at ever-greater disadvantage compared to Europe, China and Japan.

The era of paying for electricity has to come to an end if we as a nation, as individual manufacturing enterprises and as individuals are to survive in the fast looming free-electricity economy.

Capitalism gained power and wealth when James Watt invented a cheap source of mechanical power – the coal-fueled engine; and capitalism will thrive where industry and people as a whole will be freed from the onerous burden of the soon obsolete monthly electric bill.

Not only the times when only billionaires could afford building power plants are over, but the times when our nation and our individual economies could compete on the global economy on utility-generated electricity are also over.

The time has come when we do not need utilities any more than we need gas station attendants to dispense our own fuel.

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